Tuesday, December 18, 2007

1Tier, 2 Tier & 3 Tier Architecture

1 Tier Architecture::

All the processing is done on only one machine,& number of clients attached to this machine.(MainFrame)

2 Tier Architecture ::

Client & Database is on different system.

Processing is done at client side.

Application layer is at client side.

3 Tier Architecture ::

Apart from Application & database layer there is one more layer present at client side.(eg Browser).

First tier= presentation tier

second tier=Application Tier(Business Logic)

Third Tier=Data Tier(Database Server)


somnath said...

Hey hi,
Really its very valuable and appropriate info...
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Gypsy shadow said...

@Processing is done at client side.

I feel processing is done both on client and server side depending on requirement. BL are usually on server side (sitting beside data tier). Usually presentation and few client centric processing are done at client side. Conceptually, client machine is considered to be dumb or minimal machine. Thats why processing are delineated to central server etc. May be you could elaborate your article.

Ramakrishna said...

i did not get the information about 2-tier and 3-tier archietecture